CPR Classes and Compliance

On July 28th 2017 by admin

In association with the American Heart Association, we take pride in providing top quality classes to stay in compliance with all state guidelines. CPR Classes are a vital part of the healthcare industry. One of the first items that a state surveyor looks at are the CPR expiration dates in selected staff members file. Keeping in compliance with this state expectation is an easy way to deflect a citation and boost those star ratings.

CMS F Tag 155

CPR Certification – Staff must maintain current CPR certification for healthcare providers through CPR training that includes hands-on practice and in-person skills assessment. Online-only certification is not acceptable.

Initiation of CPR – Prior to the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS), nursing homes must provide basic life support, including initiation of CPR, to a resident who experiences cardiac arrest (cessation of respirations and/or pulse) in accordance with that residents advance directives or in the absence of advance directives or a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. CPR-certified staff must be available at all times.