Staffing – Temporary/Direct Hire and Permanent Placement

OCal Solutions provides quality and thoroughly vetted staff to help fulfill your staffing needs. We have a database full of RN’s, LPN’s, STNA’s on standby ready to work for you. We also have availability of Administrators - LNHA, DON, ADON, PT, OT, PTA, COTA, MDS Nurse, Billing and Coding employees.

According to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) there is a separate rating for staffing requirements within the Five-Star Quality Rating System.

Staffing – The staffing rating has information about the number of hours of care provided on average to each resident each day by nursing staff. This rating considers differences in the levels of residents' care need in each nursing home. For example, a nursing home with residents who had more severe needs would be expected to have more nursing staff than a nursing home where the resident needs were not as high.

Stay in compliance, avoid a citation and keep your patients safe with good staffing ratios. Temporary staffing is a solution while training staff for permanent positions. See our solutions for the educational part of the healthcare problem.

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